Worth more than a thousand words

This is Gracie, a rescue from a shelter here in Atlanta. She is the sweetest dog ever, learning her manners, moving past some mild fear issues, and in a very loving home which she shares peacefully and happily with a young married couple and their 2 other dogs. Given the scars on her body and the slice up the middle of one ear, it is believed she was once used as a bait dog. She is more than a survivor. She is an amazingly balanced dog!
Fall, 2012: Ann with Reba McEntire at Hubert Bailey’s Border Collies, Dawsonville, GA. Reba, who works her own collies regularly here, wound up being our first herding instructor as there were many dogs present for aptitude testing and Hubert needed a break. She was very impressed with my GSD mix, Libby and insisted that we had to return for more herding lessons because as she told me in her Reba way: “Honey, she’s a working dog! She was born for this. You’ve GOT to bring her back.” And, so we returned many times for sheep herding lessons with Hubert. Known additional breeds in Libby’s DNA include Malinois, Bernese Mountain Dog, Collie.
Ann presents to students for Career Day using client GSD puppy, Teddie.

Our Gallery

John Rogerson, one of the world’s most renowned trainers and canine behavior experts (September 2015 Ultimate Recall workshop)
Family dogs Maximus, Black Lab mix (background) and Callie (foreground), Catahoula Leopard Dog mix sit and stay in their "line up" to get this unique photo.
Corgie pup relaxing after private in-home lesson: "the bath mat pose"

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